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Gotta Look at the Whole Picture…

I’ve realized something in the past few days…

As my busy schedule goes on, and with the amount of homework I must do everynight, I’ve found that I have to look at the whole picture. This suffering isn’t going to last. It’s like drawing a picture. I spend a lot of time on one part of an image, then I step back and look at it, and the changes are hardly noticeable. Pictures are meant to be looked at from far away, likewise, life is also something that is made up of small memories. Not all of these moments will contribute to the big picture, but it’s these special touches that make up life as well.

I may be a bit too young to state these things with my own mouth, considering I haven’t even lived half of my own life yet, but I think this may help me calm down whenever I’ve over-worked myself, or if I feel stressed.

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